10 Reasons to Get Healthy Without Looking at the Scales

There's more to being healthy than just exercising - although that is a huge part!

And healthy doesn't mean slim and losing weight!


So you don't break a sweat every time you have to run back up the stairs to grab your purse!

Although - you might find that instead of breaking a sweat - your thighs hurt because you've just done leg day!


Because you just want to move your body - or take part in an art.

I'm going to see what Pole Dancing is all about. Not for the exercise per se - but more for the fun of it.


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Hatha Yoga

Who's tried yoga?

Was it something you've done once or twice (like me) - or did you commit to a regular class?

I tried yoga for the first time just over two years ago - outside!

It was an amazing experience...

Listening to nothing but the whisper of the trees and the river

And discovering that my body was actually capable of the downward dog and the tree pose - and barely (but there) headstand!

It was relaxing - but at the same time - felt like I had actually done something.

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7 Benefits to Regular Exercise

Exercise is for everyone!

Age, size and physical ability doesn't matter - there's something out there for all of us!

So why should we exercise?

For a happier and healthier you!

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Why should we Exercise?

Exercising is a way of celebrating what my body is capable of!

Going to the gym or swimming or dancing my little heart out in class is not a weight loss thing for me.

But I guess I used to think that was what exercise was for - and that's why I didn't go...

Working out is boring and I don't need to lose weight - so why bother?!


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5 Tips to Accept Your Imperfections

One day we are stressing out about our imperfections - trying our best to hide them or ignore them. And the next - we are totally owning them - or just not caring anymore! 

Does it really happen over night? Or do we go through subconscious steps as we get older??

Do we gain experience, knowledge, respect and acceptance of our flaws - at the same time as gaining freckles, wrinkles and grey hairs!

Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones - who has gained acceptance naturally (and so far avoided the grey hairs). 

But for those who need a little guidance - follow these 5 tips to accept your imperfections!

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How to be Your Best Self? Embrace Your Imperfections!

Challenge yourself TODAY!

Focus on yourself!

Look at your flaws and accept what you see!

Look in the mirror - and look at ONE of your flaws.

Ask yourself...

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Boudoir: Frequently Asked Questions!

I am very shy about my body shape - Can I still do this? 


I take pride in finding the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight each client and their features. 

It's also important to tell me if you do have any areas of your body that you are self-conscious about. 

I do not 'take 15 pounds off' or do body reshaping!!

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How to Easily Book a Boudoir Session


Pamper yourself with professional hair and makeup – both are included in our boudoir photography packages!

And a free glass of champagne to awaken your inner goddess!!

Some of our packages include digital files and some include prints or albums. Either way - your images will be edited.

Digital Files will be given to you with printing rights so that you can print wherever you like - but we do offer professionally printed prints as well.

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Need a spray tan at home?

Get in touch with Aimee - and she will visit YOU so that you don't have to leave the comfort of your home!

She will come to your home - your hotel - pretty much anywhere you’d like to get a sunless tan!

Whether it’s to prepare for a vacation or an event or simply look your best - Tan on The Run uses the highest quality ingredients. 

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Our Body Positive Boudoir Campaign

Our Body Positive Boudoir Campaign came together because two women are passionate about body positivity.


Loving our own skin.

And appreciating the beauty of others - no matter what form that comes in!

This will NOT be a 'wham bam, thank you Mam' kind of project.

We are in it for the long haul.

We have designed and planned five shoots over the course of one year.

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